No man is an island

Always say something nice…you never know what kind of a day someone is having. If it is critiquing, do so with love – Positive criticism. Only ‘Positive vybes’


Do you remember writing compositions in primary school? The teacher  would either give you an opening statement, an ending phrase or a title to a story and within 40 minutes, you should have come up with tantalizing plot details that would make everyone want to read your story. I remember the vocabulary we would splurge on those foolscaps; I woke up as my mother drew the curtains, exposing the sun rays that burst into my room. I then went to the frog’s kingdom and slowly took a shower, the cold water sending chills up and down my spine…Hehe! Those good old days! Let alone having a character, setting, conflict, plot and theme of a story all in two A4 pages. God bless our teachers for their diligence in teaching us all that! 🙂 

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