Everlasting Grace

Only by Grace


By Liz Mbugua

BeforeJudgeImageI have on several (no, make that many) occasions elevated myself to the seat of judgment. And without credentials nor any legal experience, I have meted out judgement. Most of the time mercilessly, harshly, critically and unjustly. And I can bet, I am not the only one who loves playing judge. Yet, it is very uncomfortable when the shoe shifts, and I have to be the one receiving significant doses of my own medicine! It is most uncomfortable.
So you can imagine what the woman caught in adultery had to contend with. There she was, caught in the very act. It is bad enough to be caught by one person, but a crowd! This multitude of self-righteous, judgmental people sought to stone her as was stipulated in the law. To further add to her humiliation, they frog marched her to the teacher of the law. Surely he…

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