Finishing Strong – Forget The Past

Finish 2013 strong!! I will…



It’s hard to believe its November already! We’re about to put 2013 to rest. In one sentence, how would you describe the year 2013?

When we began this year, we said this is our year to Occupy! Which means – to confidently take ownership in every area that God has assigned to us – whether in our faith, in our family relationships, in our health, in our finances and in our calling to impact society.  As we come towards the end of the year, it’s a good time to evaluate ourselves. How have we run our race so far? How can we finish strong, not just in the year but in every area of our life? How can we finish strong in our journey of life and of faith? That’s what we want to look at this month.

As you know, it’s far easier to start than to finish! Many of…

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