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Be a prayer warrior...stand in the gap
Be a prayer warrior…stand in the gap

Amos 4:10

“I sent plagues among you as I did to Egypt. I killed your young men with the sword, along with your captured horses. I filled your nostrils with the stench of your camps, yet you have not returned to me,” declares the LORD.

The fourth chapter of Amos shows a side of God that we often by pass as believers. A side of one who is expectantly waiting for His children to repent. He gives hints that you wronged Him by allowing disaster to happen to us and using warnings by the prophets or a little terror here and there or challenges to remind you that HE IS SEEKING YOU TO RETURN TO HIM. He is so patient and compassionate with you; hinting at every point that He is waiting for you to just return to His fold, under His wings, for your own good. Psalms 91

On your kneew
On your knee

It doesn’t really have to get to that point where He has to remind you through such eventualities. As a believer, you should ALWAYS position yourself to be in a repentant state. To always be in a place where you just come to Him humbly by the Holy Spirit’s leading and seek forgiveness. We have created an unfortunate culture whereby we just think about ourselves.

‘If I am right before Him and know that I have done nothing wrong, am good to go’. No, it should not be like that as Christians. The name you have (as a Christian), means Christ follower (that you follow/abide by the teachings of Jesus Christ). A follower is obedient to the teachings of the one who is being followed; a follower does everything that the one being followed is doing.

Therefore it goes without saying that as Jesus cared and prayed for everyone (not ONLY self), we should as well follow His leading. Creating a culture of standing in the gap for your family, friends, relatives, country as a whole, continent, humanity, the church…name it. Return to the Lord!

I am from Kenya and here, there is a culture of doing things at the last minute. My prayer and hope is that we do not adopt such a culture as believers whereby we wait until everything is going wrong.

Prayers of a multitude move mountains
Prayers of a multitude move mountains

As a country I thank God that we went back to Him before it could become any worse (elections). God bless Kenya and strengthen the church.

Stand tall in circumstances on your knees
Stand tall in circumstances on your knees

[I wrote this before the westgate attack and ooh how we would have heeded that warning. Sept. 10th, 2013]

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